Tuesday, February 02, 2010


This started as a demo for my digital painting class on how to start a painting. It wasn't a very good start. So I felt compelled to finish it to hide the fact that it wasn't a good start.


  1. That is freakin lovely sir! Greatness!

  2. C minor, with g major 5th?

  3. purdyyyyyyyyy.
    Still doing the notes to colors thing or is dillon just being dillon?

  4. Dillon: No.

    Tom: Yes and Yes.

  5. I like it Dave your textures are very nice , and the bird is so stylized.
    .Im not a professional artist , but i would like make a criticize, (I hope you dont mind)
    .The leaves are very blurred, and i would paint more shadow and reflections under tree.
    .Good job , i wish to paint as you some day.

  6. Maybe the leaves needed a little more definition,but I will Not change any color or shadows under the tree. Is so vibrating earth that you feel will be going up into the trunk and color those "blurry" leaves. Love It,LOVE IT

  7. Thanks for the comments. Jose, the blurred leaves are intentional but maybe it is too much. I have noticed that in contemporary Spanish painting there isn't very much that is painted with soft edges. And I remember that in Spanish if something is said to be "fuera de foco" that was never a good thing. Maybe it's a cultural preference.

    Linda, I am happy that you used the word "vibrating" because that is what I was trying for.

  8. .Thanks Dave for accept my criticize, not all painters accept that.
    .Digital painting class? , where? , When?... i´ll be glad to see that.
    .Thanks and greetings Dave (sorry my english, it´s rusted)

  9. Hey. Thats sick man, have you posted what brushes you use anywhere? I would love to know.