Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Yerba Mate

This image started out as a sketch in my sketchbook, then a demo for the digital painting class that I teach and then I ended up finishing it just for fun. It is based on my memories of a place I lived in Misiones, Argentina.
If you know anyone from Argentina, then you will know all about mate, the herbal tea that all Argentines constantly drink through a metal straw called the bombilla. Misiones is where they grow the herbs. That's what the green rows in the background are. And Misiones is known for its tierra colorada or red dirt which turns all white shirts to pink.


  1. I love your picture/drawing/painting! It's very relaxing!

    The guy in the picture drinking mate reminds me of Ringo Starr!

    You are very talented!

  2. Yeah! This is awesome! I am so excited to take your digital painting class next semester and learn from the master... although to be honest I'm kinda nervous. And they totally drank mate where I served my mission too! Those South Americans. :)

  3. may zeus bless me with the power to have a schedule with sufficient room to take your class.


  4. It´s nice Dave , i know "Yerba Mate" , and i understand the idea of your work.
    .Wonderful as always !!!

  5. Excelent! muy bien logrado
    Espero que la hayas pasado bien en Misiones.
    Saludos :)

  6. That picture is amazing! And the story makes me feel like I was there too.

  7. Wow! It really caught my attention to see mate here! I'm not from Argentina, but from Uruguay, right next to it, where people are said to be born with both mate and termo. I think we are a bit more attached to it since I believe Argentinians prepare it at home, but Uruguayans actually carry hot water everywere to drink mate constantly :)
    Beautiful work!

  8. Hi Dave, the "mate" is a drink of all Argentina, olso some people drink for breakfast

  9. Hi Im from Argentina, Buenos Aires, and I must to congratulate for this icture you capture the essence odf the Mate ceremony ^_^ Imnot a mate fan I love the coffe, but I recognize the escene in just a few seconds when I saw the Pava (te recipient with the hot water) and the mate, then I check briefly the comment and I read Argentina ^_^.
    Im glad you had nice memories of my country is a honour to me, be welcoem whatever you want and dont forget to visit the rest of the country, we have all the weathers and the open arms to you.
    see ya!!!

  10. Hey! I was browsing your blog when I bumped into this great painting of a guy drinking "mate". I'm glad that you portrayed such an important moment in an Argentinian's life such as the "mate" ceremony lol. Beautiful painting, congratulations.
    Ok, back to browsing your blog again.
    Hugs from Argentina!

  11. Hola Dave. Es una muy buena ilustración de un misionero mateando! Yo soy de Buenos Aires. Por mi parte, el mate solo lo tomo con amigos, pero hay quienes lo toman en cualquier circunstancia. ¡Espero que la hallas pasado bien en Misiones!

    Un abrazo!