Sunday, May 16, 2010

iPaint en iPlein air with an iPad

Here are a few of my first attempts at sketching some of the scenery around here on my new iPad. These were done using the Sketchbook Pro App.

I have never been a trendy gadget guy, but I have been waiting years for someone to come out with something like this. It's not quite fulfilling all my dreams yet, since it lacks the pressure sensitivity of a Cintiq, but it is close. Now I can quickly capture (or try to capture)the fleeting golden hour lighting effects that would be gone by the time I went and got out my oil paints. And I can now do digital painting anywhere I want to, even if it's a little more primitive than what I'm used to. The reviewers said that the iPad is a much better media consumption tool than a media creation tool, and they are absolutely right, but it is still a lot of fun. And all that other stuff it can do is pretty cool too.


  1. I've been interested in what these would be like as a portable painting/sketching tool.
    Would you mind posting more about the positive and negative things you've experienced while using an Ipad?

    For example:
    How different is the pressure sensitivity from a Cintiq?
    Does it lag much or at all when you paint on it?
    How big of file sizes can it handle?
    -any other things you've learned would be very appreciated.

    I'm just curious to learn more from a fellow artist's experience.

  2. these are amaaaazzzzing. I'm still stuck painting on my DS, but i think an ipad is on the horizon for me....

  3. These are beautiful regardless. I think a great artist can produce quality product regardless of the medium. Very nice.

  4. Wow, what awesome little masterpieces! Nicely done!

  5. i would like to have an Ipad , but it´s very expensive.
    .I think i going to paint in y wacom by now.

    nice sketchs!

  6. Thanks, guys. Nasan, the iPad has no pressure sensitivity whatsoever. To get around that I am constantly adjusting the opacity of the brushes. I haven't noticed any lag at all. The file size that it kicks out of Sketchbook Pro is 1024 x 786. I don't know if you can make it bigger or not. I'll have to look into that. Mostly I like it for sketching on the go, when things don't have to get very tight. I can't see myself using it for professional work. I haven't tried any other painting apps yet. I am going to try Brushes next but I wanted to get Sketchbook down first.

  7. No pressure sensitivity! :( Amazing you did what you did! I love your other digital pieces. One day I must get into plein air.

  8. Yeh...good work dude!

  9. very cool! I knew it was only a matter of time before I saw somebody posting ipad plein air! Great atmosphere captured in these.

  10. Why type of stylus have you used? If any?

  11. Tim, I was using a Pogo Stylus at the time, but I didn't like it much because it seemed that I had to hold it almost perpendicular to the screen to get it to respond. Now I just finger paint.